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What AI-based online simulators offer

Answer Accuracy

The simulator checks answers and automatically provides a score.

Attempt Accessibility

One attempt to take an exam on the simulator costs $9.90, while participation in a real exam costs from $180.

Speed of Evaluation

The simulator's AI provides instant and accurate scoring of your answers at any time of the day.

Realistic Tasks

Each simulator closely mimics the formats of real exams and includes relevant tasks.

How it works

To start using the simulator, you need to:


Register on the website and select an exam.


Pay for an attempt (purchase one-time access or choose a plan).


Go to your account and open the online simulator there.


Complete the exam tasks within the allotted time.


Automatically receive your exam score.

Add the online simulator to your preparation program to become a certified international professional on your first try!

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Why choose online simulators

Every year, less than 50% of candidates pass their exams for diplomas and certificates from international professional organizations on the first try. One reason for failure is neglecting to assess their preparation level for official exams. Another is that existing simulators are designed in formats such as:

Familiarization with the official exam environment.

Tests with questions and answer options.

Self-check tasks and answers at the end.

Manual review of completed tasks by a person.

Our AI-based online simulators help increase your chances of success because they:

  • Are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Closely mimic the format of real exams.
  • Contain similar tasks and corresponding timing for completion.
  • Help assess your exam readiness.
  • Provide instant grading of any format of answers.
  • Save time and money on preparation.

Participation in an official exam from international professional organizations costs from $180, while one attempt to take an exam on the simulator costs $9.90.

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How much does access
to the online simulator cost

Single Attempt

One-time access to the selected online simulator on the platform

Price: 9,90 $

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Multiple access to the selected online simulator or multiple simulators simultaneously

Price: according to the selected plan

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